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Missions -- Korea

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 7 Collections and/or Records:

Hilbert (George) Riemer Mission Collection

Identifier: Collection ID-1139

Korea, 1952 - 1997

Scope and Contents This collection contains Korean language materials related to Lutheran mission activity. More materials can be located in the CHI International Geographic Library and in various archival collections. A Handbook of Korea by Korean Overseas Information Service, 1993 (ISBN: 89-7375-002-10 33910) Facts about Korea by Korean Overseas Information Service, 1993 (ISBN: 89-7375-052-6 33910) ...
Dates: 1952 - 1997

Korea, 1961 - 1997

Scope and Contents 기독교 통신강좌 Correspondence Course in Christianity (C.C.C.): Korea Lutheran Hour (Books 1-12) 루터교 예배 의식문 (Lutheran Order of Worship (1965, 48 pages, leather bound) 예배 의식문 (Order of Worship) Seoul, Korea: Concordia Press, 1981 (22 pages, paperback) 예배 의식문 (Order of Worship) Seoul, Korea: Concordia Press, 1989 (22 pages,...
Dates: 1961 - 1997

Korea. Concordia Sa Publications, 1990 - 2000

Scope and Contents 자라나는 하나님의 백성 (Growing as God's People) 호주 루터교회 출판부 편저 (edited by the Australian Lutheran Church Press), 이홍렬 옮김 (translated by Hong-Ryeol Lee), 컨콜디아사 (Concordia), 1991 (OCLC: 1128450938) 말틴 루터(생애와 사상) : Martin Luther (Life and Thought by Won Yong Ji (ISBN: 89-391-0064-6) 프로테스탄트 신앙원리 : 루터 신학 해설 (Protestant Principles of Faith: Commentary on Luther's Theology. P. S. 왓손...
Dates: 1990 - 2000

Korea. Publications, 1959 - 1996

Scope and Contents The Background and Contribution of the Reformation [in Korean] by Won Yong Ji (June 1959, 22 pages) 성서 읽는 방법 (How to Read the Bible) by Paul Strege translated by Won Yong Ji. Seoul: Concordia Sa, 1959 (34 pages) 성서 읽는 방법 (How to Read the Bible) by Paul H. Strege translated by Korea Lutheran Mission. Seoul: 컨콜디아 (Concordia), November 1959 (33 pages, blue...
Dates: 1959 - 1996

Korea. Tracts and Pocket Literature, 1950 - 1997

Scope and Contents Sermon Tracts 기쁨의노래 (The Song of Joy) by Paul Bartling (Sermon No. 1) 하나님의종 (The Slave of God) by Maynard Dorow (Sermon No. 2) 인생 설계도 (A Plan for Life) by James Lauer (Sermon No. 3) 어린아이와 같이 되라 (Become as Little Children) (Sermon No. 4) Tracts ...
Dates: 1950 - 1997

Korean Cultural Artifacts, 1930 - 1970

Identifier: MAR 2009 #24
Scope and Contents MAR 2009 #24 Straw Head “Doughnut” Ddoh-ah-ri (5 inches, diameter) – for carrying objects on head, M1 Jipshin – straw shoes of the type worn by monks M2a, M2b Children’s’ shoes – light blue (160 mm), M3a, M3b Children’s’ shoes – 7 inches, multi-color, rubber, M4a, M4b Mae-dup - Korean knots, M5 Bamboo winnowing basket (miniature, 6 x 4.25 inches), M6 Kong-gi - like “jacks” M7 Medallion for International Lutheran...
Dates: 1930 - 1970