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14th - 18th Century Manuscripts and Prints, 1260 - 1730


Scope and Contents

This is a collection of mostly original manuscripts (with a couple printed pages) dating from perhaps the 14th century forward. These items were entered into the CHI Accessioning Ledger in 1979 (79-5-ANON), however a note in the ledger indicates that the items were donated prior to 1950 and no provenance record was found. Some documents included with the manuscripts suggest the donor was E. A. W. Krauss. In fact, one document (#3009), clearly identified as written by Krauss, is a transcription of one of the German manuscripts (#3008) and thus, they are included here as a subset of his papers. Additional evidence would firm up this conjecture. Further work is also needed to identify these items with more detail. A tentative basic list of items follows. The number below represents the item accession number.

  • #2971 - II. Potare Sitientes by Sebastinus Bourdon Monpelier [Sébastien Bourdon (1616–1671)]
  • #2972 - Dissegno por la Facciata del Duomo di Milano (engraving of the Cathedral at Milan)
  • #2973 - Frontispiece De L'Encyclopedie par M. Diderot. This was engraved in 1772 by Bonaventure-Louis Prévost (1747-1804?) and was based on an original sketch by Charles-Nicolas Cochin (1715-1790) executed in 1764.
  • #2974 - Melanchthon exe Wilhelm Baron von Löwenstern (1800?-1900?)
  • #2975 - Johannes Luther, nach einem Originalgemälde von Lucas Cranach auf der Wartburg
  • #2976 - Voltaire [François-Marie Arouet] seated gesturing toward a priest. Engraved by Joseph [Giuseppe] Lante from an original by Locatelli
  • #2977 - Les Francs Maçons Flamands en Loge. Peint par David Teniers. Grave par [Bernard] Lépicié, 1747. [Freemasons]
  • #2978 - The Jealous Husband. D. Teniers, Pinx. T. Major, Sculp. (Engraved by Thomas Major from a painting by David Teniers)
  • #2979 - Iesvs Baivlans Crvcem Exivit in Evm Qvi Dicitvr Calvariæ Locvm [Iesus Baiulans Crucem Exivit in Eum Qui Dicitur Calvariae Locum - Jesus Bearing the Cross to the Place of the Skull]. Petrus Paul Rubens, pinxit. Paulus Pontius, Sculpsit., 1632.
  • #2980 - Ego Mater pulchræ diletcionis (Eccl. 24. N. Poussin, Pinxit. Claudia Stella, Sculp.
  • #2981 - Iob Prophete: Homo natus de muliere brevi vivens tempore, repletur multis miserijs. Mariette, exud. [printed by Pierre-Jean Mariette from a painting by Rubens?]
  • #2982 - Et accercito Centurione interrogaint eum si jam mortuus [The centurion gives the body of Jesus to Joseph]. Fransiscus Perrier (Francois Perrier), pinxit et sculpit, 1633
  • #2983 - FECIT ERGO MOYSES SERPENTEM AENEVM ET POSVIT EVM PRO SIGNO: QVEM CVM PERCVSSI ASPICERENT SANAB ANTVR. [Fecit Ergo Moyses Serpentem Aeneum et Posvit eum Pro Signo: Quem cum percussi aspicerent sanab antur, Moses made a bronze serpent and lifted it up as a sign...]. from a painting by Rubens?
  • #2984 - Rebecca descendit ad fontem, occurrit ei servus Abraham, et protulit ei inaures aureas et armillas. N. Poussin, Pinx. Æg. Rousselet, Sculp, 1677
  • #2985 - Procidentes Adoraverunt eum et Apertis Thesauris suis Obtulerunt ei Munera, Aurum, thus, et Myrrham. Rubens, inventor. Visscher, Excudit. (164?)
  • #2986 - Latin Manuscript on Vellum
  • #2987 - Rector Academie Witebergens. Salomon Albertvs Noribergensis Philosophiae et Artis Medicae Doctor ac Professor [Salomon Alberti, 1663?]
  • #2988 - Latin illuminated manuscript. [A note with the page states "Corpus juris canonici", "15. Jahrhundart".
  • #2989 - Four additional pages of the previous.
  • #2990 - Two additional pages with significant marginal writing.
  • #2991 - Two additional pages
  • #2992 - Latin manuscript with written note, "Codice Jur. Civil. Seac. XIV." (this appears to be a parchment that was reused as a book cover and finally removed from the book to regain the manuscript.)
  • #2993 - Latin vellum parchment with a symbol which may be a notary mark.
  • #2994 - Latin vellum parchment perhaps from a Missale (c. 1260)
  • #2995 - Another page of the previous (These appear to have been recycled as covers for a book and reclaimed later.)
  • #2996 - Univerlis Sancte Matris Ecclie filiis (perhaps, "To the children of the Universal Holy Mother Church" - 66cm x 52cm)
  • #2997 - Latin vellum parchment (19cm x 32cm)
  • #2998 - Latin vellum parchment, text with commentary notes? - 27.5cm x 41.5cm
  • #2999 - Latin vellum parchment, 4 pages includes "Saec. XII" and "Tom. XXIII"
  • #3000 - Latin vellum parchment, 4 pages includes "Saec. X II Cor. XI" and "I Thes. V. v 18"
  • #3001 - Latin vellum parchment, includes notes: "folio 5°". Also, there is a notary seal which identifies the notary as as "Erhard", perhaps Erhardi, Erhardius, or Erhardus.
  • #3002 and #3003 - Hebrew vellum parchment fragments, recycled as book binding materials. The Hebrew is unclear throughout.
  • #3004 - Hebrew vellum parchment, three columns, clean text (18" x 17")
  • #3005 - Latin vellum parchment, includes "Joh. XVIII, 21" and "Saec. X"
  • #3006 - German vellum parchment (part is missing), includes "Ad mandatum Caesareae?"
  • #3007 - Latin vellum parchment, (half page)
  • #3008 - German vellum parchment, with "Wir Ferdinand von Gottes Gnaden Künig zu"
  • #3009, #3010, #3011, and #3012 - German (handwritten) manuscript by E. A. W. Krauss on Concordia Seminary stationary, August 29, 1913. This appears to be a German line-by-line transliteration of the previous German text.
  • #3013 - Printed German invitation to Iubel-fest (June 25, 1730) with 12 parts. The reverse has a Tobias Lobeck engraving.
  • #3023 - Two German printed pages with the opening text, "Gleichwie aüs vorhergehender". The second page has an engraving of Martin Luther (with caption beginning with: "Der Schwan hat Gottes Rühm mit geist und Krafft besungen") published by Michael Kauffer., (1730)
  • #3025 - Calligram (Word Figure). This is perhaps half of an original figure poem. The images appear to be a castle, crown, cross, and perhaps the elements of the Eucharist. The text is handwritten in black and red ink and is very small. More research is needed for better identification
  • #3026, #3027, and #3028 - Manuscript with exemplars of the hand-writing of writers from Reformation including, Fürst Wolfgang, Justus Jonas, Michael Cölius, Graf Albrecht, and Gregorius Brück.
  • #3029 - Latin vellum parchment, with "Coss. Scholarchae, Totvsqve Senatorivs Ordo Reipvb. (Coss. Scholarchae, Totusque Senatorius Ordo Reipub). Norimbergensis Lectori Benevolo S.P.D., 1623
  • #3030 - German vellum parchment - (44cm x 65cm) perhaps begins with Fr. Wilhelm...


  • 1260 - 1730



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